Refactoring and library name : Work Done... it is up to you

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Sep 7, 2006 at 7:34 PM

I have work the whole day to reorganize and restructure the library based on your discussions...

So, I have check-in a new version that :

- I have Create a ".cs" file per class
- We now have more namespace, it will allow us to develop the library and have more and more classes
and be able to find what we are searching for...
- We have a "folder" peer namespace, like this file organisation is the same than namespace organisation
- I have add "#region" to every files, every file has been reformated in order to be uniform with every all

So, Mainly we have the following namespace:
- Lizard
- LizardEditor
- Samples (Will contains every sample)

I would like to rename "Style" by skin ? if you want ?

So, all theses changes have been checked in, if you do not like them, I will deleted all my changes and re-put an old

Tomorrow I would like to :
- continue refactoring (if needed)
- add several samples
- add custom captions features

So, I m sorry to be so fast, but I simply would like to start working on it from a clean version and later
be able to keep the same name, structure ... it is why I have do this.

Also, please tell me if I can continue this way ? or rollback ?

Thanks for all
Sep 7, 2006 at 9:56 PM
Yes, you are fast. But thats good thing. At least thats why we have the source control so we can always rollback anything that we don't like ;-)

However few notes here:
1) We haven't yet decided on the library name. The name 'Lizard' is pretty cool but there are also some voices against it.
2) The same is for the project structure. I would review your changes during the weekend and let you know I any bothers me (or just adjust to my taste).
3) I would prefer if we follow a rule of one commit concerning a single thing. So if you are doing a refactoring then please don't commit it together with any bug fixes.
4) At the same time to keep track of things if you work on anything first please enter it to a issue tracker. This includes refactoring and project restructuring. This way others will know that some one is already working on this.

But I like a lot that finally someone else is working on the code and please continue what you started. I will talk to you over the weekend.

Sep 7, 2006 at 10:13 PM
Thanks for your answers...

Yes, you're right... :-)

For the library name, I agree. I do not decide any name, and if you want I will change it in 10 minutes, it is easy to do.

For the reminder, I will let you review my changes and wait for your comments.

Tomorrow I will work on the "Custom Caption"... in fact I have already do 50% of the work in local.

I will check it in tomorrow and attach a work item then ?

Is it right like this ?

thanks for all
Sep 7, 2006 at 11:14 PM
Just continue what you have started. It would be great if you can solve the caption buttons issue.